Latest Information


Night Sessions are now restricted to members only and a paying guest.The responsibility of ensuring the swim is litter free is down to the member and his guest.The sessions will be required to be booked in advance .

The locks unfortunately have not faired well with a bout of vandalism .we will be installing cameras to observe the comings and goings of individuals from now on .There will be CCTV signs going up shortly .

There is now a lock system on the gate ,the gate will be locked at night.
All anglers wishing to fish nights will now have to book ,payment via pay pal or on the bank ,
We will require names of all attending. All vehicle being parked at site including the make of vehicle and the registration
We will require proposed time of arrival and proposed departure time so that we can make sure the gate is open for you.
This is all due to the increased amounts of rubbish being left,unsociable behaviour,alcahol abuse and attempted theft of fish .
There is now a ban on Alcohol this is due to the amount of litter being left in the bins and the cost of removing it from site .Plus complaints last year by anglers about the excessive consumption by certain individuals .

There is a limit on bait now .There is too much going in .this is not good for  water quality or the health of the fish .Especially during the very hot days .

We Ask All Visitors to take their litter home with them ,Please .

There is a complete list of rules we recommend the Angler reads them
Our Bailiffs and staff can ask you to leave the site if the rues are not adhered to .

If rubbish is found at a peg you are responsible if it is not cleared up and either taken home or deposited in the bins you may be charged for clearing it up and will not be allowed back in until the surcharge is paid .No payment No Entry

We are having to employ a rubbish collector to collect rubbish because of the amounts being left .